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To provide Holistic Health with Minimum or No Medicine, No Injection and No Surgery. Stress-Free, Happy and Harmonious Living is achievable because regular practice of Yoga, Meditation, Preksha, Contemplation, Pranayama, Stars, Nature and Science of Living balances our hormones. It activates every part of our body from the tip of the toes to the crown of our head providing balanced and Holistic Health.


Vision is to contribute at Universal level for harmonious & happy living with Immune System free from any Disease or Addictions by cultivating Stable and Positive Habits of mind and body with Ethical Values and Faith in your existence or Self (Soul) and everything around you.


It is based upon focussed working by everyone to achieve Excellence in terms of “योगःकर्मसुकौशलम् – yogaḥ karmasu kausalam” Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita (Ch. II Verse 50). It is an Everlasting Solution for Mental Health and General Health of Brain and Body under all situations. It can also save millions of dollars of individuals and Governments.


It is an Effective and Permanent Solution even for Universal Problem of Terrorism faced by entire Humanity. It has potential for understanding the youth, pacifying them and bringing them into mainstream of life. It suggests Excellence in your Karma (work or activities) in such a Focussed and Perfect way that nothing should remain to add to it. When everyone works in this spirit with free mind without bothering about Result of Karma, there will never be any need to have more than what you worked for or deserved. Moreover, their work keeps everyone busy and healthy. It will stop the mad race for materialistic gains or comforts and everyone will be happy and satisfied. It is such a simple solution for most of our problems.


We are merely products of our Karma or deeds because whatever we do is our Karma. It creates our permanent habits (sanskara), character or an individual itself. So, as an essential part of our routine daily life, we must do such Karma that brings happiness, peace and stability to the individual. Such individuals will transmit this happiness and peace all around making this universe a place to enjoy like heaven on earth.


Now, combining Astro skills with practical experience as a Teacher in Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga, Stars and Nature besides having worked as a Secondary School Teacher (Maths. & Science), Public Servant – A Class (Central Taxation) & an Advocate practiced in Central  Taxation.


Astrology and its charts are all about keeping an eye at possibilities in one’s Destiny which are all based on Karma – past, present and future in the making. No Karma means closing all those possibilities for progress, prosperity and happiness. Thus, there is nothing auspicious for a person who does not perform one’s Karma or Work.



The information, techniques and suggestions mentioned in this website are not a substitute for the medical advice. For any type of condition consult your physician before practising in the areas described in this website. The author does not assume any responsibility or liability for any injury, loss or anything whatsoever that may result due to any advice, suggestions or any other matter given in this website. So, readers to take their responsibility themselves for their safety and never practise beyond their capacity and comfort level and do not take any type of risk.


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