Meditation, Contemplation and Kundalini Awakening

Effective Meditation as a Natural Remedy utilizes our infinite potential in restoring the loss of self-respect, stability of mind, satisfaction, efficiency, courage, natural contentment and joy. It also enhances our self-confidence, positive presence, behaviour, space, time and capacity in attending the needs of other people without any condition and reward. We start enjoying freedom from fear and feelings of isolation and separation. With Effective Meditation we attain our highest potential in life by achieving optimum focus towards fulfillment of the righteous aims of our life.

It involves all our sense feelings from the tip of the toes to the crown of our head. It is practiced by looking within through Concentration, Perception, Contemplation, Meditative Awareness and other ways for a length of time. Entire activities take place within our body of space and time which we become more aware as Meditative Awareness deepens.

Meditative Awareness

We can easily turn our senses both inwards or outwards and connect with various objects, and there is time and space for both the modes. Initially, our attention is turned outside wherein ears are fully open hearing external sounds like music, traffic noise and conversations. In meditative awareness, attention is turned completely inwards and ears will be listening internal sounds, wherein sense of hearing is used in connecting with inner or subtle sound.

Breath Awareness is necessary in every form of Meditation. Breath means vitality and life-force which remains intimately connected with emotions and state of mind. Breath prevails over all the five senses without which none of the senses can function. In fact, breath is principal carrier or vehicle of life-force vitality throughout the body.

Being in touch with breath opens up the possibilities of Meditation and Meditative Awareness. Focus your awareness at the joint of upper lip (key area) with bridge of both nostrils feeling the touch of air / Prana as it enters and exits from the body, where mind sets naturally because breath itself is natural focus for the attention of the mind. At this centre of awareness of touch and feeling, feel the air entering and leaving, flow of life force and all its movements within the body. Without any effort, this centre will naturally expand to bring in touch with the entire energy field of our body from the tip of your toes to the crown of our head. If you can hold the inhaled breath for longer period to your capacity, it provides deep relaxation to body and mind based on your breathing system and subtle energy system that carries life-force throughout the body.

Simply observe incoming and outgoing breath as it is without making any efforts, jerks or changes. When inhaling-exhaling feel expansion-contraction of muscles of stomach. During inhale feel enlivening-fulfilling energy, light and life from mother-nature. During exhale feel emptying or cleansing of toxins and everything you do not need in the body and feel free and relaxed. During inhale the Breath and Conscious/ Chitta together move from upside to downwards and during exhale both Breath and Conscious/ Chitta move from downside to upwards. Ensure that you are continuously in touch with the flow of breath at the joint of upper lip (key area) with bridge of both nostrils.

In next phase, shift your focus of attention upwards to the Centre of Intuition (Ajna Chakra) between both eyebrows which is the seat of Being. It will enlighten the vision of the entire body and bathe the entire body in the divine light of Being, following instructions from the intellect. All types of Orders, Commands and suggestions originate from this Ajna Chakra. In practical life, Instructions from Intellect at Ajna Chakra bring every big success as against external instructions without roots within.

Kundalini Awakening

All the subtle powers of consciousness and life force at work in the higher centres come into physical manifestation through the channel of the coccygeal (Centre of Energy or Moola Chakra). — Mother nature in the coccyx is calm and controlled, bringing health, beauty and peace to the kingdom. At the command of Yogi in deep meditation, the creative force turns inward and flows back to its source in the thousand-petal lotus (Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Kendra). Yoga refers to this power flowing from the coccyx (root or lower part of vertebrae) to Spirit as the Awakened Kundalini.                     

The power of Kundalini is a psychic spiritual energy dormant in the body capable of getting yogi at new levels of consciousness. In Kundalini Yoga, entire emphasis is on Yoga Chakras or Centres of Energy Transformation, wherein entire attention is upon basic functions of Breath. 

The Kundalini Shakti leads to Enlightenment. It is a form of primal energy (Shakti) whose awakening results in supernormal powers. Its concept is figure of a coiled female serpent goddess of subtle substance, residing in a first subtle centre (out of seven) near the base of spine. Yoga techniques of Kundalini Meditation awaken it by lifting like the head of serpent upwards to the seventh centre or ‘thousands-petal lotus’ at the crown of the head (Sahasrar chakra).

It is a liquid fire or liquid light with sensational effects. First Yogi will feel heat at the bottom or root of the spine. Then it moves up and activates each of the seven yoga chakras as the energy moves up from root or Mooladhara-chakra a psychic channel parallel to the spinal column.

In the process that may last for a few minutes or may happen like a thunderbolt, lower part of the body turns cold as Kundalini rises towards the brain. The yogi may shake even violently, feel pain, turn hot and cold, hear mysterious sounds and see illuminations.

It awakens the psychology and physiology of the practitioner who will be altogether transformed feeling the electric current running along the spine.

Aim is to raise the energy to the crown chakra where it unites with Shiva.

The Yogi will try to prevent the energy from falling back down to root chakra (Mooladhara chakra) where there is risk of inflating ego and other animal tendencies.

By mastering the flow of energy upwards, the yogi is able to bring the energy to lodge permanently in crown chakra.

Energy Centre of Mooladhara Chakra represents Karma and Karma is represented by Saturn. The process of raising of past Karma upward through exhalation is achieved through Kundalini Awakening (Jagaran) also known as Kundalini Yoga.

In this process of awakened inhaling-exhaling, first spinal chord and its vertebras are cleaned. The physical location of Centre of Enlightenment (Agya Chakra) is at the centre of our forehead, just above the seat of Soul or Shiva at the Centre of Intuition between our eyes and connected to Sahasrara chakra at crown of the head.

It is believed that Kundalini (the energy field) travels from the first Chakra Centre of Energy (Muladhara Chakra), situated at the base of our spine and travels to 2nd, 3rd, 4th…..Centres (Chakra) to reach the Sahasrara Chakra at the crown or top of the head. Here it meets with the Supreme Consciousness – Shiva while remaining connected to Centre of Intuition (Ajna Chakra) between both eye-brows and Centre of Enlightenment (Jyoti Kendra) at the centre of forehead, in this process in the path of Kundalini.

With further practice, Kendas or Chakras start getting cleaned step-by-step in time of duration depending on each individual’s level of awareness of inhaling-exhaling. When all Yoga Chakras are cleaned one feels exalted and enlightened as Kundalini has awakened to its optimum level.   

Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, Yoga and Meditation are the main components for Kundalini Awakening. Each kriya consists of rapid, repetitive movements coordinated with a designated breathing method. It is awakened thinking and practice that cleans-up from within resulting in attainment of physical, mental and spiritual development.

During Meditation, the focussed thoughts penetrates within us by way of visualisation on our five senses which takes concrete shape with its continued deliberations. It makes us fearless, courageous, social, gentle, noble and overall healthy by way of such focussed and determined thinking.

The first part of this Kundalini Awakening process is raising upwards and neutralizing of past Karma (Papa-Karma) through exhalation. Here Jeeva (Jupiter) entered from Centre of Vital Force or Prana Kendra (Nostrils) by awakened inhaling into the Body (Mars), indicates self-efforts (Sadhana) leading to extraordinary spiritual attainment of Soul (Sun) at Anahat (Heart) Chakra through Mind (Moon) at Swadhisthana Chakra (Sacral Centre).

Jeeva moved from Body (Mars) at Manipur Chakra (Solar Plexis) penetrates into Shakti (Mool) Kendra which is the seat of accumulated Karmas and lifts up the Papa-Karma relating to ‘Rinanubandha’ (bondage of debts). Here Soul (Sun) and Mind (Moon) inter-linking to Karma, the Jeeva contemplates on clearing bondage “Rinabandha Karma” the Vasanas (Venus) through Visudhi Kendra by awakened exhaling.

In the second part, the Pranayama (itself a Karma) and Pranic Healing by Internal Trip (Antar-Yatra Meditation) from Centre of Energy (Mooladhara Chakra) to Sahasrara Chakra (Gyan Kendra) with awakened inhaling-exhaling, clears our past Karmas by balancing our emotional imbalances that lead to self-realization and salvation of Soul (Sun) by Jeeva (Jupiter).

Here Punya-Karma is lifted-up through Spinal & Astral Tubes to Sahasrara Chakra. Other yogic processes including Meditation also help in Kundalini-Awakening. In these processes first spinal chord and its vertebras are cleaned and with further practice all Kendas (Circles) start getting cleaned step-by-step in time of duration depending on each individual’s level of awareness of inhaling-exhaling and other yogic practices.

When all Kendras are cleaning up, one feels exalted and enlightened as Kundalini has awakened to its optimum level. It is a stage where the enlightened one is free from any confusions of life and has a clear understanding of the entire cosmic operations. He is capable of clearly visualising future time with the help past experience to perform and advise best karma in the present. He always feels easy and comfortable in conducting himself in life with the energy gained through awakened and conscious practice of Yoga and Meditation.      


Ultimate aim is linking of Jeeva (Life Force Prana) to the Supreme Soul or Self (Atma)

Karma or accumulated deeds is a cause for taking this birth so as its remaining balance is cleared. It remains linked to Intellect (Budhi), Desires (Bhoga or Vasnas) and the Soul. Besides Karma, another cause for taking this birth is the condition on Jeeva from the Soul that it can enjoy Bliss or Darshan (association) of the Soul only after clearing or satisfying the balance of Desires (Vasnas) linked to the Soul. So, Jeeva comes on this earth through Human Body to satisfy this condition of the Soul.

Therefore, this birth is for two activities – one by Karma and another by Jeeva so as Soul is liberated from the bondage of Karma and Desires (Vasnas), which in turn ensures liberation from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Karma is clearing past accumulated deeds and Jeeva is clearing balance of Desires linked to the Soul. Both Karma and Jeeva become the basis of taking this birth. On this earth, both Karma and Jeeva are identified by the Human Body and their activities are performed through the medium of Human Body. The Human Body is represented by Deha, Ego or Ahankara.

For perceiving and performing the activities of the Human Body, it gets Manah (Mind) illuminated by Soul (Sun gives light or knowledge to Moon). Mind is always in confusion due to its two resultant factors or Nodes. Upper Node (Rahu) always creates Maya-Moha (illusions) and lower Node (Ketu) shows opposite path of Moksha (Detachment or Liberation).

Our Karma represented by Saturn is assisted by Yoga. The Jeeva or Life Force Prana represented by Jupiter is assisted by Pranayama. The Soul represented by Sun, Mind represented by Mind, Deha or Ego represented by Mars, Budhi (Intellect) represented by Mercury and other areas of life are assisted by Meditation. Karma and Jeeva can achieve their aim only with a sound Deha or physical body.

Ayurveda as a Science

Ayurveda is the foremost of the four Upavedas or `secondary Vedas” through which a true Vedic life can be properly lived. Astrology or Jyotish is the foremost of the six Vedangas or `limbs of the Veda’. It is said to be the `eye of the Veda’ through which all Vedic knowledge can be properly applied.

Ayurveda and Astrology are closely intertwined not only with each other but with all other Vedic sciences, including the great wisdom traditions of Yoga and Vedanta and their profound paths of Self-realization and God-realization.

The Vedas themselves are ancient mantric texts of great profundity and mystery, deriving from the meditative insights of the great Himalayan seers or rishis over five thousand years ago.The Vedas derive from a yogic approach to reality. They were said to have been directly perceived from the Cosmic Mind in the state of Samadhi or inner unity between the seer and the seen. This affords them an insight and an authority that goes beyond our ordinary knowledge edge sources born of the mere brain, senses and human mind.’

The central message of the Vedas is that the universe dwells within our own consciousness, which extends beyond all time and space. We are the entire universe, which is the expression of our own deeper Self.

The Vedic mantra, which is the basis of all Vedic texts, is a special code of vibratory or sound-based knowledge, inherent in cosmic space. It contains the keys to cosmic law or dharma, the underlying truth principles that sustain the cosmic order. These dharmas are not just physical laws but ethical and spiritual principles, the most notable of which is the law of karma. Through these Vedic mantras we can understand our individual dharma, our social dharma and, ultimately, all the dharmas in the universe.

Vedic knowledge is perhaps the ultimate science because it can unlock all the secrets of nature, bridging the internal to the external, and unravelling the parallel processes of cosmogenesis and the development of individual life. Vedic mantras show how the forces of nature from the elements to the stars work within us as physical and psychological forces. Through this special insight taught by the Vedas, we can reintegrate ourselves into the conscious universe, realizing our existence as a single organic being of love, light and bliss.

Astrology is more concerned with Subtle Astral Body than the Gross Physical Body. Inner Astrology is more significant than the Outer Astrology. It forms the basis for many empowering practices like Internal-Trip (of body), Meditation, Contemplation or visualising, Yog and breathing techniques from farthest point at Centre of Energy or Root Chakra (Saturn is 1426.73 million km from Sun) to nearest point at Gyan Kendra or Sahasrara Chakra (Mercury is 57.91 million km from Sun). Sun is soul at Centre of Intuition located between both eye-brows. Awakened Kundalini (serpent power) opens chakras by above practice. It awakens energy of our inner Pranic Sun.  Astral Form reflects our astrology which helps project soul’s karma into material world.

Planets and signs exist within us as main energy factors behind astral body. Inner body chart reflects life pattern of soul composed of 7 chakras as part of Inner Zodiac and Solar System. Outer solar system is reflection of Inner Solar System and light of physical work is visible reflection of deeper light of consciousness.

Negative Planetary influences can be altered or corrected with expert tools like Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Visualizing, Mantras, rituals, charity and service. Karmic Expert Astrological Therapies include assessments and timings connected to them.

Astrology and three Bodies

Astrology similarly considers the role of all three bodies. It starts out with an examination of our physical health concerns & then extends to all main factors of our wellbeing – career, relationship, creativity and spirituality – bringing in the roles of the astral and causal bodies as well. Each of these different concerns is denoted by specific houses in the birth chart. These houses along with their planetary significators are examined with precise rules of delineation and interpretation for determining their results. Astrology is primarily an astral science mainly concerned with the subtle or astral body i.e. our body of the stars. As the astral body mediates between physical and the causal, it can help us understand the other two bodies as well.

The Ascendant, Moon and Sun are each closely examined in Astrology to help us understand how our three bodies – Physical, Subtle and Causal are functioning in this life. When all three are harmoniously placed, our lives are likely to unfold in the best possible manner on all levels.